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Search Tips
Search Type Descriptions Examples
Adjacency Use quote marks ("") around words when they must
appear next to each other, in that specific order.
university california
Will find:
university california press
But will not find:
university of california irvine or california state university
Truncation Words may be internally
or right-hand truncated using an asterisk *.
Use double asterisks ** for more than 6 characters.
Connectors Use and to search multiple words in any order.
Use or to search either word in any order.
Use and not to exclude words.
Use parentheses to group words when using multiple connectors
barn and owl
barn or owl
owl and not barn
owl and (grey or barn)
Field Search Specifiy fields to search using field abbreviations.
Fields available to search:
a: authors
t: titles
s: subject headings
n: notes
a: kahlo frida
t: citizen kane
s: family practice
n: adobe acrobat
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